04 May 2015
Breakfast with Francesca
April is a sui generis month and my postcard from miami is a different panoramic: the 6 best coffe places. They are all scattered around Miami Dade county so that to have a reference point for anywhere one may be. Let’s use coffee as a compass and let everyone have their own coffee. I spent my first year here making mistakes and discover what I have to say to ask for what in Italy is “a coffee please”. Miami has an advantage called the cafe cubano that is the one that most is similar to our own expresso, although you have to remember it comes loaded with sugar. After a search that lasted years, I came down to my favorite places where i can enjoy not only a good coffee, but the social and fraternity experience related to it. If you come to Miami you may want to keep the list handy.

NORTH MIAMI Dolci di Sicilia delivers what the name promises: sfogliatelle and cannoli at their best. They are a delight at every time of the day. Can’t wait for the summer and their granita al caffe’ and then feel that for breakfast I went to Stromboli.

WYNWOOD e MIAMI BEACH, Panther Coffee. PC is for Miami what Starbucks is for the US. Born as a start-up in the garage (don’t all American dreams begin like it?) with a toaster from the ‘30s bought at an auction. Originally husband and wife were in the coffee business, wholesale, and soon, with an unprecedented demand, became a retail operation, in Wynwood first and Miami Beach soon after. The feel of the bar is a tasting experience where you can savor coffees coming from the various parts of the globe. If it’s too overwhelming, leave it to the barista who has been trained at the Panther University to ask you the adecuate questions and find you the best blend. Be warned that hipsters and vegan food are in order, but the visit will not leave you unsatisfied.

MIAMI BEACH True Loaf the first time I ever saw a true pastry lab with rolling racks visible to the street like in Italy. One of those places where you order you favorite birthday cake and go get warm croissants with pastry cream recently baked at 6 am. Just for being only pastry shop it was enough, considering the best almond croissant competing with French standards. Then Thomas, the master pastry chef behind True Loaf, decided to slowly inflict us with the pain of a coffe machine, a small bar counter. The fact that is situated across the street from a yoga and a Pure Barre studio doens’t help it.

WYNWOOD Zack the Baker is a simple concept, middle eastern kosher cuisine, tables to share, organic produce coming from local farms made it from a humble place to THE place to have lunch in Wynwood, an area of Miami growing for art presence.

COCONUT GROVE Bianco Gelato. I know I have already spoken about it last month and, no I am not related to them, but the Illy coffee and homemade chocolate brownies with walnuts are the best alternative to a croissat for a mid afternoon snack if you are in the neighborhood.

CORAL GABLES Miracle Mile For tea lovers this is the best of both worlds, British high tea and Japanese tea ceremony. Clean and minimalist decor and pottery, the cucumber and watercress sandwiches are sublime.

PINECREST e BRICKELL/FINANCIAL DISTRICT Atelier Monnier is as 100% French as it sounds. Mr. Monnier is frequently in the main store and still keeps, to my taste, the n.1 position for the best Saint Honore’ . However, just a coffee and a croissant would do if you happen to be around this south, because the buttery consistency of the pastry beats no one.


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