31 July 2013
Handmade eyeliner
Today we have an appointment with the beauty, we meet Martina of “My alchemy corner”, an expert on makeup and beauty natural remedies. If in your personal beauty case never run out a eyeliner, then let's get this effective and durable D.I.Y recipe.

Buying a eyeliner in perfumery it is very expensive and the packages are getting smaller so, after some research, I found the solution to do a home made economical and natural eyeliner. It only takes three ingredients that you will surely find in your home:

4 teaspoons of aloe vera gel;
2 teaspoons of coconut oil;
2 teaspoons of powder eyeshadow, preferably mineral or mineral pigment's favorite color.

Mix all ingredients together and put the mixture in a final container. You can spread it with a brush for eyeliner. It can be kept for up to 3 months out of refrigeration.

To follow the step by step process, you can click play and watch this tutorial.
A kiss to all, see you soon! "

Luisa and I we start to work immediately: so let's make up!

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