14 May 2014

People come and go; places stay and tell the story of who built them, who loved them, who just passed by. We have always been fascinated by not-places (stations, libraries, offices), and they have always inspired our readings and research. That's why we were so excited to have been invited by the Bisazza Foundation to the preview of the exhibition 'Candida Höfer. Architecture of Absence'. It's the first time the Bisazza Foundation hosts a photography exhibition, particularly one meant to celebrate the work of one of the most influential photographers of the world. The protagonist of her pictures are the interiors of public areas like museums, libraries, archives, theaters, offices, banks, historical buildings and metro stations. These places are photographed using the simple framing and the distanced shot techniques, they are devoid of human figures, and they are only lighted up by natural light. Walking through the beautiful exhibition halls of the foundation, you will be enchanted by those 'architecture portraits' that are an expression of Candida Höfer's peculiar and impressive style (the photographer herself helped the Bisazza Foundation setting up the exhibition).

We leave you to the photos you can find in our gallery and to a quote of the photographer herself that, describing her own exhibition, shows her great passion for her job that constantly inspires new studies of style and design.

“The subject of my work are public and institutional areas. I prefer them when they are not invaded by the public. It's in these moments that they can tell more about the people who live or have lived there. These spaces talk about light, and that's why I like to capture them in the same light they usually are, be it natural or artificial. Spaces have purposes. They create analogies. I am fascinated by the difference you can find in these analogies”

Candida Höfer



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