18 June 2014
Villa Sorio
In Veneto, a region in northeastern Italy, the countryside is rich of beautiful villas. Those who are familiar with our territory know how easy it is, while out and about in the countryside, to encounter one of them. These buildings are a reminder of Italy's rural and aristocratic past, and of the close bond there is between city and countryside. Join us in the discovery of one of those villas, which invested in its past, yet looked into the future: Villa Sorio.

Villa Sorio, one of the most ancient villas of Gambellara (a small town known for its wine production), is a typical building of the Venetian countryside, made of a manor house with colonnade annex, a porch, stables and a barn. It is in Sorio, not far from S. Giorgio Church, on a level land right under some hills. The building is a great example of integration with the surrounding area, it has good sun exposition, and it was built with local, ecological and very versatile materials. The initial core of the villa, no longer present, dates back to the Middle Age, and it was built for the Sorio family, who owned the villa for centuries.

It's in places like this - that combine history with traditional architecture - that VERSUS works best. VERSUS, in fact, is an original concept that creates events where innovative design and art are put in an unusual context, like for example a Venetian rural villa. All year round, art exhibitions, events, conventions and courses take place in the villa and in the outside garden. VERSUS becomes a synonym for encounter/clash, and it aims at comparing and contrasting different realities, to create interesting and new visual and conceptual paradigms.

Villa Sorio is, in this occasion, an incubator for young artists and innovation in the territory, offering them a prestigious location to spread their excellent work. We're completely in love with this great idea!

To keep updated with scheduled events please visit www.villasorio.com

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