20 February 2013
Tuttepazze peribijoux
All we become crazy in front of a beautiful jewel and Maria Elena knows it, as she tell his passion in one of the hundred most read fashion blog in Italy. We asked her few questions:

Have you started to write your own blog for all women that..?

I started writing Tuttepazzeperibijoux for all women who loves to get excited in front of a jewel, for those who have a real passion / obsession for jewelry and especially for women who have not yet found a blog made for all these needs.

Where do you find the jewelry for Tuttepazzeperibijoux?

I do not have a special place because I love traveling and discovering new treasures :from a daughters's friends box of beads to what people wear on the street. Everything is a source of wonder and inspiration.

Speaking about jewelry is thinking of women ...What about man? What would you recommend?

In general I do not like men who wear jewelry. Granted just as the twins must never go out of fashion or bracelets that are not to be conspicuous, such as a small porte bonheur or a plate with a beautiful dedication. No necklaces, earrings and rings (except wedding ring).

Never whitout your favorite Jewel? 

The jewel more 'beautiful is undoubtedly my wedding ring. Then I can not separate myself from my chevalier with the family crest and a “escapulario” rose gold engraved with the names of my angel and my son Leopold.


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