19 February 2014
Mademoiselle Jolie
Her grandmother transmitted her the passion for fashion, and her Dad the one for the art with these beautiful premises Marianna could just grow well , the creator of Mademoiselle Jolie, the outsmart blonde that you can see in the gallery. From Paris she observes the world of advertising and fashion and she hopes one day to work for Hermès, so we support her!

Mademoiselle Jolie looks like you or is your alter ego?

Mademoiselle Jolie takes by people who stands near me and loves her. As a personality, I would say that is the friend who would like to have as a constant companion, a companion to support you when you're down in the dumps, you care for her naivety and innocence. She can not go unnoticed because she's always dressed in an elegant way.

Mademoiselle Jolie likes / dislikes.

Mademoiselle Jolie like sweets , travel , ride with bicycle , clothes and accessories with style and elegance without going overboard. Then she likes to think and react in a positive spirit . Mademoiselle Jolie does not like to see people sad.

For what brand do you like to work?

Hermès is always the Mademoiselle Joliedream, as a Cinderella fairy on a carriage with its logo. On second thought , would not say no even Coco Chanel, who is his favorite model .

Me and Luisa -blonde are blonde too, how would you draw us?

Will drow you as two friends of Mademoiselle Jolie go shopping in Paris of course!

Today's weather in Paris and you're dressed as?

Today the sky is partly cloudy ... I think we should see the first design gallery that i sent with affection.

Let's give a loud " Hello " to Paris?

This is the Tumblr of Mademoiselle Jolie always follow with great enthusiasm : mademoiselle- jolie.tumblr.com

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